The truth is that there is no truth. And that all truth can become a truth as long as people believe in it. Faith has its beautiful and its less beautiful side. Those who believe in something beautiful will become beautiful those who believe in something less will become less beautiful. Faith is what we are convinced of and plays a crucial role in our search for truth. Whether or not there is truth, one thing is certain. 

The truth is you, the truth is the moment we live in, what we do and what we share with others. We create truth ourselves in every moment.

Every man will start the search for himself, who am I and what is my purpose here on earth and what lies behind it. What is the truth in my story and what can I do with it or what I mean to others. A search that brings us closer to ourselves and our success. That what we really are and want to share with others unlimited and without limits. Life is a challenge that you must face and the truth will unfold with it. What is important in every given is that the truth is subjective for everyone, it is impossible to create a truth for everything around us. But when we look around we see that this is still happening and that this is putting the lives of many men on a track where they not only lose their own truth but also the true power to become successful. 

the world is what we make it and what we make others believe is what we want others to believe. The truth is that the man finds the strength to find his own truth. The truth that lurks within every man, a source of unprecedented power where he is central and can manifest himself as a creator.

We are all great thinkers and creative creators if we can unleash the truth that is being imposed on us. Only we can decide about our coming and going and are free to choose where we stand. Whoever possesses this power and knows how to free himself from contemporary tyranny will soon imagine himself in a world where he will be confronted with his own truths, fears and hidden thoughts. Whoever dares to follow this path and knows how to master the voice that speaks in him and can bring it into grand forms will become a truth himself. The truth that lurks in every person is here, now and today. Every moment of truth is here for us to take and anticipate with the power and faith that we possess, we will not bear fear and release it from modern slavery.

Every man who wants to become successful will have to take this step to the truth, only then will he be able to develop into a beacon of light that will reach far beyond the horizon. Because only where the darkness lies can light save us and he who comes from the darkness will not fear the darkness and will carry his light to show others the light of freedom and unknown possibilities.

Whatever the truth may be, the moment you now take to read this book is a moment of truth. You are the truth and you will have to bear the success that you will create. That is the truth that is necessary for the man to achieve his success.

The latest law to success for men is therefore the truth.