Every man needs experiences to be able to contemplate, reflect and develop himself and his full potential. The tactics behind each experience give the man the opportunity to delve deeper and deeper into his full potential so that he can overcome his deepest fears with the confidence he has built. 

Women play a fundamental role in the self-confidence of the man, the woman can make the man but also break it. The fragile aspect makes the man digestive and desirable for the woman but only to a certain extent. Every man will have to push the boundaries of his life so that he not only puts himself to the test and gets to know himself but also lets others know him in a different way.

The man wants more control over his life, in his relationship with others and in this case with women. Men who lack control over women are more likely to be in an emotionally confused state with perhaps minor changes in the relationship. This is because what one cannot control leads to uncertainty, control gives certainty and certainty gives confidence. But control starts with self-confidence and the man has to work on that with himself. The 3-line rule tells us that the man must work on this before he starts a relationship with a woman. The risks for both the man and the woman with a view to a well-founded relationship that can yield the fruits of a family and a happy future are too great. The responsibility not only for each other but also for everyone’s future is too great to leave this to the risk of chance. Just as a man arranges his success by mapping this out, he must also think about the relationship before he get in it. Only then can he offer the security that a woman deserves. To be able to do this, the man will have to apply the 3-line rule. He will have to learn to gain sufficient control over his desire and to be able to regulate emotional situations through control. He can learn this by gaining control of the hunt, being able to calculate the desired amount of prey through sufficient experience, expertise and the use of the right strategy. If the man has mastered this, he will be able to open the hunt at his own times and get his prey within the desired time. He must first master this with the simplest prey in order to master the game and the variations so that he loses no more than he wins. If the man learns to play this game, he will soon be able to push his boundaries to beautiful prey and also successfully bring them within his agenda and the rules of his game. The control of the game will give the man the possibility to open several yachts simultaneously and he will soon notice that these yachts will also produce successful fruits. The experiences and motivation that the man receives for this are priceless and make an enormous contribution to the self-confidence and perseverance of the man. He will also gain more control in relationships with women because his position towards women has become more dangerous. The fear that the woman might leave him will have much less impact than on a man who does not have these qualities and experiences. The woman realizes that and will think twice before she puts the man in front of the block if she gets a headache when sex needs to take place. The three stripes rule, control the seduction and sex is also the 23 e law to success for men.