A man must become aware that if he wants to become successful, he cannot live where things are not organized. If the man wants to prove that he has organized his affairs, he must also live in an organized way. We can do organized life by sticking to the labels, having a good and well-groomed appearance that appeals to the imagination of others, whoever wants to become successful will first of all have to dress successfully. Clothing makes men and men should take this extremely seriously if they have ambitions to achieve great success.

A man who is unable to dress will lose weight for most women at first glance, and not only does clothing play a major role in women, but also in daily life.

Clothing is a form of expression, how you feel, what colors you want to show to the world. It says something about you and your world. It can attract others to enter your world or, on the contrary, scare others away so that they distance themselves.

Clothing is therefore not only practical to wear in cold days, but also gives an extra dimension to our world of experiences. 

Men should mainly look at the colors and fabrics of clothing, color combinations can be made but it should always look like a well-cared-for whole. So it’s not just about the shoe, but about the entire picture with the shoe underneath. An expensive blouse or shoe does not yet make the man, in fact even a cheap shoe and blouse that are matching provide a much better result. Women always start with the shoe, if the man cannot buy a decent shoe where will her children walk on? Always hold on to the idea that women do not look at the clothing as the man does, they look at the clothing from the perspective of a future mother who now has to make an estimate of how her children will soon look. Which item of clothing does the man’s money go to? 

The man must not only ensure that his clothing is in order at all times and that he always wears a match of shoe and belt on fabric and color, but always intends to worry about his clothing and style at all times refine. 

In addition to clothing, the desired behavior of the man also plays a major role, the behavior of the man may tell the woman more than the man can tell her throughout his life. Behavior speaks volumes because this does not have to be told you see it happening on the spot. A woman does not need more proof. That is why it is so important that the man is aware of his behavior at all times and learns the labels that have been requested so that he can present himself at any desired location as a man who knows what the word civilized means. Society may change, but the man’s labels are timeless. Labels and the desired behavior speak for the man before he speaks. That the man knows how to behave speaks of intelligence and prior knowledge for which he may have had to conduct research, but then. It indicates that the man has prepared and knows what it means to always be prepared. Because good preparation is half the battle and with all the other things that will make us successful as men.

The 22 e law to success for the man is therefore avoided and labels.