Emotions make our world, what we feel is reality. Something comes to life because we can touch it, experience what it does to us. Our senses inspire our emotions and a world of sensation opens up in every experience we experience. 

Women are by nature more sensitive and emotional because nature has asked them to. Since time immemorial, women have been aware of the fact that emotions and feelings are one of the greatest survival factors for their offspring, apart from the safety and nutrition in which they could not play a major role, their system has developed a sublime mechanism that is extremely sensitive to experiences. and feelings. 

Now at this time when the boundaries between men and women in our society are blurring, we are increasingly seeing more sensitive men or seemingly more sensitive women. 

Our world has changed and our world of emotion-related experience is gradually taking on other forms of reality.

Emotions play a major role in the lives of men and women, if the man really wants to develop into a man in today’s society as he is, he will have to delve deeper into the world of emotions in order to get closer to women to come that are now becoming less dependent on men.

The male dominance decreases and so the man will have to move to the territory of the woman, the world of emotions. Motions make the woman extremely sensitive and sensitive, their feelings often tell the truth. Women do not listen to society but to their feelings. Men need to realize that if they want to court women or, on the contrary, want to gain more dominance in a relationship, they must gain more insight into their own world of feelings and also better with these feelings. able to handle. Women may seem predictable to men because their emotions prevail, but this is not just like that. Women, because they are more sensitive, perceive much more external stimuli and experience moments much more intensely than men, because men are not aware of this, miscommunication can quickly arise, so that the man eventually ends up short because he simply goes to bed is allowed tonight. Men should therefore experience what women experience, and more than that, men should not only experience the experiences unconsciously but be able to analyze them rationally and fully dissect them so that they can work and calculate with emotions. You cannot predict emotions, but you can enforce them by showing emotional behavior. If the man makes the game of emotions the most, he can not only make the woman believe what she wants to believe, but also let her experience it. If the experience is real and the feeling speaks the truth, the woman agrees. And that is the pitfall for women. The man who makes himself a master of temptation with emotions knows no opponents, women will always forgive him for having deep feelings for him. In spite of his actions, the women will always carry him in their hearts and forgive him. A man who has mastered the game of seduction by being able to regulate and direct emotions is an unknown enemy of the woman who always desires and is loved will be. 

The 21 e law husband for success is therefore emotions.