The woman needs confirmation from the man to feel like a true woman and vice versa. So there is no man who can truly feel a complete man without the confirmation of a woman. Women make men into a whole, they alone can view and confirm the unknown half of men with judgment. The woman therefore willingly uses this position of power to her advantage, in order to shape the man according to the behavior that she wishes to see. 

Men are naturally less aware of this form of manipulation and are therefore easy prey for most women.

Women know that men can be extremely worried about the length of their genitals, the performance or in the communication to a woman “seducing”. The man is constantly looking for a piece of confirmation from the woman in which his verbal or non-verbal indicates that the man makes an impression or is to her wishes. Women are therefore very careful in providing the information that the man is looking for, and much more careful in praising. They will always praise the gentlemen with whom they are not in the relationship to consolidate their control in the relationship. 

Because men need this confirmation, they will always be expectant about the judgment of the woman and that makes them uncertain.

A man who feels confident and thinks he has the power to see through this is often an easier prey for women. Women are naturally masters in drama and have a good aptitude for theater, although they do not only use this in show business, they are all very good at playing the man in 1 on 1 conversations.

There is no way to get out of the confirmation, but we can play with this, if a man does not care about the arguments of the woman, the woman will leave the conversation and the man will not reach his goal. The woman knows that her strength lies in waiting for the man to take action and not in taking his own actions, even if he has a shorter time of beauty, this is worth taking the risk. Men can learn the qualities to make women think that they might be insecure to gain ground, and once the emotional bond has been established they can easily assume their role of authority and control. 

This happens in general only, but most men do not consider this, this is a gradual process that reveals itself over time. If the woman does not anticipate this, she will quickly lose out in the relationship and for this reason she will also be careful with her affirmations and compliments, unless the woman has other intentions with the man who gives her happiness in life. she searches. 

The man must at all times be aware of this game and always harden himself on the basis of his own torment and not on the basis of the torment of the woman.

If the harassment lies with the man, he will gain control of his insecurity, because the woman always wants to avoid the harassment, she will only be able to comfort the man during his pain and accept the decisions he makes. 

The 20 e law of success for men is also female fastener