A man who assumes the dominant status should also be able to make this happen. The dominant status is not experiencing fear of the possible consequences. 

A man has many friends and rivals in his life who make him grow in life in every way. A rival is perhaps the most interesting man because it really makes us grow and puts us to the test. Here too I would like to point out that the man who is working on his success must find the path of the most resistance, so the rivals in the man’s life play a major role. Being able to live under the pressure, the tension that arises in the game of rivals makes the man appeal to his real ability and prepare optimally for the battle. 


Through these experiences, the man can gain a dominant status by being proactive and not avoiding conflicts, his reputation as well as his influence on others will increase. 

Fear plays a major role in the world of rivals, where the rival lives is fear of the man. But the rival also experiences fear. It is therefore important for the man that he has the fear that he experiences under control so that he always makes the best decisions with the right accuracy and does not rely on certainty under a state of fear. Appealing to certainty will never make a man successful and should therefore not play tricks here. 

A man needs strong support, enough friends to whom he can appeal. Note that the man should always be aware of his role within the group of friends, if he knows what role he has been promised, he can easily decide to take on this role even if it is only for the moment or a certain period.

Not all friends need to know the truth and that also applies to women. A man must always keep his truth for himself and be careful with whom he shares it, if the man plays the dominant role he will have to remain silent about his truth at all times because he knows that sharing the truth only makes him weaker will make.

Friends come and go and also the man will have to learn that every time knows his friend and some friends are for life, be bold and make lots of friends, learn and gain as much experience as you can but know which friends you will always remain faithful. It is extremely important to analyze the friends you have for their rational and emotional skills, see which friends connect to your behavior and life pattern, who shares the same dreams and who is only fun for the moment. A man’s success is something he has to take care of himself, there won’t be a friend who can guarantee your success. The man must therefore always take responsibility for his own success and never wait for the approval or assistance of a friend. Those who are prepared will experience fewer problems on their path to success. Therefore, prepare the right friends who can also strengthen and enhance your success. 

The 18 e law male success is also friends and rivals.