Uncertainty about the body, Maintaining virginity, thoughts and choices.

The world of man and his virginity is an indifferent world, where the fear lies in concealing virginity or the lack of experience with women. This fear makes men act uncertainly because they do not know what the experiences with women really are like. Talking about women can go with ease, but anticipating their actions and playing with the emotions requires a certain experience. 

If the man becomes aware of these matters, he will have to realize that virginity is of little importance to the man. There is no law like the simultaneous removal of virginity with a woman or the preservation of virginity for true. Perhaps this could be a dream for the woman, since a woman with virginity is desired by several men. This is not the case for men. A man who still has his virginity or lacks experience with women is in fact desired by fewer women. It is actually an inverted world. The man should then realize that virginity or the limited experience with women actually hinders him from further developing his full potential as a real man. Therefore, the simplest way to see the emotions and falling in love is to get rid of gaining experience in the field of sex or giving up virginity. For the man there is much more to gain from this.

If a man gives up his virginity to a woman with the most experience, he will learn the most from this, but he will probably be more insecure about himself and perhaps not be able to fully live out his fantasy. Still, the man has much more to gain from this, because if the man breaks the ice quickly here, he will see the chance to break even more ice. Once he has mastered this trick, no ice will be unbreakable for him anymore and women will see and feel that the man is an icebreaker that will make them crave for him even more. The woman wants to be caught, someone who wants to catch a woman must be cunning and possess the skills to break ice and to start an attack that cannot be stopped. The women will quietly surround the unbreakable man to attract his attention and set himself up as a potential target so that they will soon experience what it is like to lose control of the game of seduction and fall in love. 

The man who will master these skills will of course be more self-assured and not only with women but as a whole person also in the company of other men. Self-confidence is therefore the gain and that makes men who have little experience with women or who still maintain virgin status into insecure men. The man that also serves as see a serious business and this work of making such a man working on his success and this obstacle to tackle as soon as possible once he this tricks to play in his life, 

the 17 e law of success for the man is therefore virginity and the influence on man’s uncertainty.