my vision about achieving success and women.

Men benefit much more from achieving great achievements that make him successful than women. The fame for a man is many times greater in the field than for a woman. The woman lives in a world where men have mainly made the rules, realize this. For them, the laws are not like the laws if they apply to men. Women have had nothing to do with major wars or other things that oppress or control people. In fact, women actually don’t want to have anything to do with this and don’t care about it. You should keep control over your own success to yourself and share it with the men who share this vision. Share this vision with women so that they know who you are and why you live that way. It is important for the woman to know that you as a man place great importance on success. Somehow this really appeals to women and makes some impression what you can use in the game of seduction. 

The woman who knows that her future husband may be successful will certainly include this in her behavior towards him and the decisions she will make. Success for men starts with choosing the path of most resistance, even women don’t benefit from this. Why would a woman seek resistance if it spoils her beauty. Why should a woman take risks if she thereby puts the chance at risk that she may no longer have children? 

Be aware of these things when you look at women and the success that you want to achieve as a man. For the man, success is of great significance in the image of how he sees himself and what he means in this world. The world is full of women but not full of success, if there were as many women as men who would become successful, this book would do not sell. 

Precisely because we know this, the man must always maintain caution with the company of women and must maintain his own agenda at all times. 

Priority should therefore be given to the man for the things that benefit him first and to allow the woman for whom he may choose or share the moment to enjoy. Those who take charge of the temptation will be able to fulfill their path to success more easily. Emotions can break a man of success, therefore the man must attain the unbreakable emotional status. A preparation that he can easily achieve by maintaining control of the relationships at all times, carefully entering into emotional relationships and allowing himself to be sufficiently marinated by experiences with women and sex. When the man has bathed himself in a party, he will also leave quickly when it is over. 

In my view, success for men starts with women, the biggest challenge is overcoming fear of not being able to control emotional ties with women with resulting sex. Whoever takes possession of this will be able to use the 50% of the world’s population to achieve their success. And the other half of men will always follow, because men without knowledge then this knowledge will always follow their cock.

The 16 e law of success is for me early in women.