When the man has become aware of his goals, his success and his strength, he can determine what role the woman will play in his life and at what time. There will be times when he may have played the women for personal pleasure and pleasure, and there will come a time when he will give the woman of his a genuine chance of a fruitful, honest and happy future for which he would put his hand in the fire to guarantee this.


If the man wants to master playing on women whether he is single or in a relationship, he will have to take control of sex, the desire for sex and the game of seduction around sex. 

This principle starts easily, and we open without substantiation. 

A man must have had an abundance of experiences with sex so that he will desire sex less than the woman. This gives him the upper hand over sex and therefore more control. The man who has experienced these experiences will possess the skills to apply his game of seduction at any time and to master the coveted sex. This is a skill that women can never take away from a man and therefore cannot make him uncertain about it. A man who possesses these skills can begin to manipulate women and put his hand to sex when it suits him. 


Women don’t just give the check away, pay attention. Women will show unpredictable behavior at all times. For the simple reason that they will be more desired. Something you cannot catch will naturally become exciting, a game is created, the game of seduction. The man should therefore always pay attention to who he plays this game with before he applies his game of emotional manipulation. 

Women generally manipulate men with compassion or worry. A woman without worries is not a woman. A woman that the man cannot worry about will have less emotional control over the man and therefore also about the relationship. 

a woman knows this and from her nature will always choose a man who is concerned about her so that she has the power and space to steer. Because only if the man cooperates can the woman get her way. Physically, women are less strong than men, but that does not mean that they do not know how to get things done. 

The goal for a woman is a long happy relationship and she will put a lot at stake for that. The man who wants to apply his emotional manipulation can use this or choose to find women who have not yet reached this point in their lives. Important for the man that he can offer the woman something she desires but will never get. That is the basis of emotional manipulation. 

Emotional manipulation is also the 15 e law for the man to success.