What men are so afraid of and what they cannot let go of pride and status

The man has a great ego, even the old wise man with his gray beard leaves it to show his years of life. Never be charmed in advance, the deed is what speaks. The man should become aware of the fact that a great ego makes him vulnerable and his behavior may become predictable. The man who knows he wants to achieve success must realize that success is not what people think about him, but what he has achieved. That which the other person thinks makes a man not yet successful, perhaps he can benefit from this but this is not the achievement of success. Also, the man should not overlook the idea that he can easily get people to think differently, the chance of success is greater if 100 men have to fight against an army of 500 than to convince a farmer of the fact that he may have to look for another profession. 

Be aware of these issues, and be flexible to experience as little tension as possible. Where an ego is big, many people will come to get a story.


The man may appear large, but may be small, and vice versa. This is an art that the man must acquire, it is not all that it seems. Life is a play and it is up to the man how he plays his role. If the man deals with this with caution and takes control of the game of thought, he will have no opponents. If he can seduce people into thinking the opposite, he will always prevail.


Matter plays a major role in the man’s life, a beautiful car, a large house or other things that can give the man more status. Collecting these objects is a good thing, but the man should not be emotionally committed to this, these things should not contribute to the feeling that he has about himself. These things only contribute to the way others think about him. This will prevent the man from walking on the ice made by others, and it is precisely here that the man must be extremely careful. Only walk on the ice that you can break and make.


Whoever wants to bring himself to real success as a man must be able to let go of his ego and fully concentrate on his goals, free from all desire for matter. 

Only then can a man with his full potential work on his success. All matter around us is equal to us, it is only in a different form. Our desire for form makes us stray from the forms that we can create. The man who desires success must concentrate on creating forms and distancing himself from desire to the forms that have already been made. 

Only then can the man reach his true potential to give his skills a fair chance, after which he can truly identify himself as a master in his profession. For me, the ego, therefore, the 19 e law masculine success.