Does this exist and why would a man want this?

True love, is this a men’s thing or a woman’s thing? Without censorship I can now say this is a woman’s thing. Women believe in true love because they are made to give love, to take care of it and to supplement that piece of love with men. 

We men do not want to supplement love with women and for this reason it will also occur less often with men that they are really waiting for true love.


True love exists, and can be a strong driver for achieving your goals. Imagine you want to do everything for true love, you move mountains and you reach the top. You will do all of this with the power that you get because you have this for true love. 

So ask yourself, do I perform better if I desire true love or if I have true love? Considerations that we as men should think about carefully and handle with caution. Falling in love is a probability calculation, a probability calculation that nobody will be able to calculate. The greater the man makes his world, the greater the chance that he will encounter true love. Whoever keeps his world small will never realize this because the chance is simply smaller. 

Assuming that the man who is reading this has already been in love, I would like to state that we know that our control over our behavior has changed considerably. We lose our focus and enter a world full of sensation. Being in love is beautiful and makes us fly, but always realize. Where does this crush lead me? 

a goal is a goal, a man who chooses for success will have to keep this mark on the map at all times. If the coveted woman was allowed to view the map, she would clearly see the cross of your destination, do not wipe it around and avoid wrong expectations in the future. A woman usually has no control over falling in love from her story, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to be able to because she can’t. Because we are running the race and a rider is disabled, would we accept a handicap to run the same race? 

everyone knows his race, and the strongest continue. Success for the man is then to run the new race with competent opponents that he learns from and will grow through, accepting the challenge ahead of him without feeling guilty or addressing a disability. The man working on his success should use the crush on him to his advantage, and let the woman fall in love with him without being in love with her. A form of emotional control that is controlled from rational thinking. She is attached to us but we not to her. Keeping a distance so that we can see the cross on our map at all times and can make our way there without emotional commitments, guilt and emotions.


Love is for me also the 14 e law for the success of the man.