A commitment, and knowing what you are starting. The pros and cons.


Whoever chooses a relationship must eat what he starts with, this should not scare you. As soon as you know what life has to offer you and what you can lose, what your goal is and that of the other you could come together in a relationship. A relationship is something that must offer potential and possibilities for both, not just certainty and cosiness, but therefore possibilities. To grow, both in harmony as a melody that finds its way endlessly. 

If we look at the statistics, it appears that many men have not been able to keep the melody in the relationship or perhaps have never found it. 

A relationship is more than fulfilling your own shortcomings, it is surrendering, taking care of and providing opportunities to each other and for each other. 

A relationship must flourish more than just being together, the world offers more than just being together. Such as achieving success perhaps for both or just for you. Therefore always be conservative with whom you take the next step in your life in which you connect emotionally to the individual, with your own wishes, dreams and thoughts. 

If you don’t have to start a relationship yet, I can strongly advise against this, especially if you are still working on your own success. The path to success is a lonely road and as a man you only have to take that road, the test for the man is therefore here.

If his return is successful and he has found his way, he can take a partner on his journey that is paved and can also offer the security to have a relationship. A relationship gives love, strength and security and offers many possibilities that we can all imagine from our nature. However, it is advisable to take into account the fact that the woman is already ready for a relationship at a considerably younger age, but this is a bit further for the man in the future. Women are more sexually mature and are no longer able to reproduce at a younger age. Female biology influences her being and thinking, so it is wise not to talk to a woman about these matters, but to find your own way of how you are going to approach and implement this. Anyone who chooses a relationship knows that he will have to limit himself to a woman, a certain consideration for a man who knows that if he is successful, an unimaginable amount of attention will be paid to women who are younger, more mature and biologically a much better candidate as a life partner. 

It is about goals, whoever sets a goal to become successful will have to take this into account, whoever chooses love must follow his heart and also glue his heart like a true gentleman if necessary. Because a real man will never abandon his wife for another. 

For me, the relationship is also 13 e law for the success of the man.