And that is what every man needs. I will now explain that from the bachelor. Every man has been single, the memory of this can be good but also bad. Based on this, you will either be single or have started a relationship. 

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the bachelor has the space and also the time to work on his control over sex. Apart from emotional obligations in a relationship, he is free to explore himself in a world of different sweets. 

the choice is up to the bachelor, do we stay with sweets or try a lolly. Perhaps his choice will fall on never having to choose and always be the freebooter.

Life is free for interpretation and therefore also here. The bachelor has less appeal than a man in a relationship, and why? Because the bachelor offers less security. Women are sharked on security. 

The bachelor does have the freedom to work on his attraction, and why?

Because he is not hindered by the play of the woman to dress or behave differently, this could possibly be the compensation for the desire. 

When the single man is still in his youth, he will often have difficulties with women, he is not yet fully grown and therefore cannot offer the certainty that a woman is looking for. Most women are looking for this even in their youthful years, of course they are pliable for slippers and fun moments, but their body keeps reminding them that the clock is ticking and they have to put their affairs in order. 

The single man should not be bothered by these problems with women and concentrate fully on getting stripes, stripes that will give him the men of an adult lion who is ultimately ready for a real relationship.

The bachelor knows that he must use this time extremely well in order to gain the experiences that will shape him. Let me explain how the bachelor should do this. 

The bachelor must always be concerned about his, odor, hygiene, appearance and masculine labels. The bachelor should always be discreet and never share his stories in bravery with friends. The bachelor is the man for the moment and not the man for life, he shares love with the woman and says goodbye with a warm heartfelt kiss. The bachelor knows how to hold on to the desire of women and how to play with women in order to achieve his stripes. 

The bachelor knows that every mistress he has will never lead to his actual wife. The game of seduction he applies to his prey will never be the same as the woman for life. Because a bachelor knows why he is single. In addition, he can fully focus on his performance and then the motto applies regardless of sex: Rather hurt the dick and not the head than hurt the head and not hurt the dick.