Sex is the greatest temptation in a man’s life, if we desire something is that sex and women keep this well hidden from us so that they can adjust our behavior somewhat. If it had been without the female, male would show more reckless and violent behavior. This is because the woman has the ultimate pleasure that the man has to work for and behave in such a way that he deserves it.


Our body is built in such a way that we cannot get away from it and we women must therefore let this game play as long as they ultimately decide with whom they want to reproduce. If we are aware of the design of the game, we can really talk about sex and take control of it. So that we are not influenced by the desire for sex and can fully concentrate on the success that we want to achieve as a man. Every man craves sex, so men should take control of sex. Sex should not be a desire but a fulfillment. Whoever desires sex is busy with that in his head and sex must take place downstairs. All sex in the head is distraction. Sex must therefore be regulated according to our needs when we want it so that we can adjust our performance accordingly. Naturally, in a relationship, women will participate as long as we pledge to remain faithful and to offer the security they are looking for. But for the man who wants to make his stripes, push boundaries and want to eat his stomach full of this, this can never be enough. 

and that is not necessary, there are no set rules that the man must first enter into a solemn relationship before he can and can have sex. These are the words of some women who have spoken to you until you know better.

Sex is everywhere and women will indulge you with sex and yield to you until you meet their requirements, and even then, if you yield easily, they will strengthen them and lay their hands on a competent man. Think of it as negotiation, what do you put on the table to force sex? How well can you negotiate? Negotiating emotionally, negotiating with emotions, manipulation and playing the game of seduction.

Who is strongest in his shoes? Women are much more sensitive than men and sex feels much more intense for them, there are a lot more emotions involved, which means that they might burst into tears. 

we men have this but do not pay the price for the deed but for the work that we do before we get sex. And here is the crimea. 

whoever wants to become successful can no longer afford this, not in terms of time, but also not in terms of emotional obligations and mouth talk.


That is why the man needs to get sex under control. Simple. Playing the female emotions until her body breaks her and calls for sex.