Those who fall in love will experience ecstasy, an experience that cannot be purchased anywhere. Always ask yourself the question before you choose to become successful if you would like to buy a crush at all, even if it were for sale.

Being in love has many beautiful aspects but also disadvantageous aspects when it comes to achieving performances that are so important for our success. It is a consideration that must be taken. But what exactly is falling in love and why do people fall in love with each other? 

The example with the ball from law 9 with the ball indicates that one must first be open to the temptation before we can fall in love. You cannot fall in love if you are not open to it. You will probably hear this myth from people who were not aware of their being and capacities in regulating their emotions.

It is about emotions and the insight into this, if one gets insight into the experience of one’s own emotions, one can also get a better grip on excluding the infatuation if necessary, or opening it up for infatuation. 

Who wants to be a player on the field who always catches the ball of love, or never catches the ball of love? It is a life where people have little control over the course of these emotional issues and therefore less control over achieving the desired success. Falling in love starts with the desire, the throw that will come. If you fixate too long on a throw that will not come, you will look elsewhere until it is thrown. Fixing on the possibility can become an obsession, a search for something yet to come. Now realize not only the words that I speak, but also the impact that this has on your living behavior and changes that this brings about. These changes over which one has no control will have to take place and why? Because people have waited a long time, they have to be cashed in, the body has suffered and had to spare itself and it now deserves to be allowed to experience this. Our body is actually going to work against us and so we become the slave of our own desire.

Falling in love takes its toll when we have become a slave to our own desires and we no longer realize what we are putting at stake. Our decisions are colored by falling in love, and even smells and memories make us easily change our minds, so that we lose our focus on what our goals were aimed at. I see falling in love as a revelation, the coming together of emotions in which I myself want to be the director of the setting in which this happens and when this happens. And this is possible, women will of course contradict this because for them the crush is a life fulfillment that brings me closer to the truth. My vision is therefore that the truth of the man is different from that of the woman and we men should not let ourselves fall in love prematurely in order to end up in troubled waters too soon.