Faith gives us the power, believe in ourselves and what we can do. Free from fear and surrendered to our dreams. 

Faith has something paradoxical, the conviction of something really makes something exist. Think carefully about this. If we believe that something is green, we will no longer think about it as green. Because we believe this will not change anymore. So faith makes the world we live in. Faith determines how people fill their lives and also largely the decisions they make. That is why I always find it risky to link faith to an institution, or to use faith as a way of life for others. For me, faith is the choice for every person to believe what he or she wants to believe in. Everyone may and must be free to color their own faith and belief on earth. We may not be bound by past beliefs that color the map for us in the present the world has no laws or limits this lives only the mind of man. 

In order to achieve real success, I have noticed that here too people have to distance themselves so that the real insight into the world can guide the man to success.

Nothing is what it seems, and it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself again questions like:

Why do I still believe that the learning institutions will shape my career?

At some point it will be necessary to recognize that real success for the man lies in the belief in his actions, strength and perseverance. 

As many say, the brutal ones have half the world. 

For me, faith has been something that you have to deal with with caution, dedicating yourself to a belief or belief gives you many obligations and calls for conforming behavior. Success lies in distinguishing itself from the rest. How can a man become successful if he has to look like the average crowd, how can he stand out and attract all people to him. 


Believe in yourself and what you can do, review the beliefs that you have of society and the people around you, question them and conduct research. 

Just as I am not what it seems, and even though something seems as if it could be the truth, why should you believe in it? What is the added value for us to really have to believe in something? Do I have to believe in a bus before it transports me from A to B? Things are the way they are and faith doesn’t change that. Believe in what you want to achieve and the bus will always run for you, because you are the creator of this bus.

Law 8 is faith to me, whoever believes in his success will become successful.