Self-confidence is everything but also nothing. It is all between your ears, however, we cannot do everything between our prints that we are only too happy to want. We may want to feel confident when we need to speak in front of a group, but the body will still have trouble with this.

You might see self-confidence as the binder between the challenges, fears that we want to overcome and the body that is still struggling with them.

If the bond is attached, the body will have less trouble with this and accept these moments faster. 

We can easily build up confidence by choosing things where we are put to the test. How can we start to feel confident if we do not test ourselves? Achieving success means delivering performance, being excellent and being among the greatest in the world. If we want to belong to this group, we will have to go deep into giving up and experiencing mental torments, fears and pain. Because where no other has been there lies the loot. By accepting the challenges and testing our body, our system will adapt and feel more confident about the outcomes. It is not certain and that causes fear, but if one has faced the fears more often, a kind of habituation arises, a state in which the body finds peace. You can see this as self-confidence. Trust in yourself that everything will be okay no matter how sour or that it may look.

Self-confidence gives us the power to believe more in our dreams and to perform even better. Self-confidence ensures that we will make decisions faster at times when we may experience fear and not dare to act immediately. With a strong dose of confidence you get more out of the moment and therefore more out of your life. I am therefore an advocate of life in the here and now. It is not about how we behave tomorrow or the changes that we are going to introduce tomorrow, it is how we behave now and what we do now. That is the direct change and it can always become sharper, better and more powerful if we continue to work on our self-confidence.


Overcoming fears is central when we talk about self-confidence, many fears we experience make us insecure about who we are, how we think about ourselves and the decisions we make. By facing these fears and defeating them, we will increasingly gain confidence in our actions and being. Making us more decisive, assertive and alert in every moment. 

Confidence is therefore for me the 7 e law masculine success.