Life is full of choices that we have to make in order to move forward with our lives. A choice is a possibility that provides opportunities. I myself do not see the possibilities as good or bad, all possibilities have potential and therefore good from my point of view.

As a perhaps optimistic thinker, I do not want to shed light on the negative side of choices, because I believe that one can choose to shed light on the negative side. If one chooses to occupy himself with the good things, naturally only good things will come his way. We are free to choose our own happiness.

Let us begin by seeing choices as possibilities, possibilities that can give us new opportunities. Depending on the options, we make a certain choice. What is more important and efficient; make quick choices and learn from this and know which choice to make in the future? Or take a long time about making choices with the hope that you have always made the right choice? In my view there is no such thing as the right choice. Everything has its effect and will run as it will. We can, however, adjust our choices to what we are doing, make more targeted choices and only choose the things that benefit us. Is this selfish? No, in order to achieve success, one has to maintain a bit of selfishness, if one does not give himself anything, how can one then give something to another.

 Let us now look at the choice from a larger whole, we all make decisions on the basis of choices, a world full of dynamics that fills with the outcomes of our actions and, as it were, keeps coming together like a puzzle.  At random moments and places, things will happen that may be seen as a wrong decision socially.

But what is good and what is bad. From my point of view there is not something like the bad choice but how we deal with the choices we have made.

The choice is yours, how you handle choices.