After delivering performance and accepting new challenges, we will get to know ourselves again and again. The changes that we undergo as a person always make us see and experience a new part of ourselves. I see the beauty of the changes that we are going through in our lives as a gift. If everything would always be the same we would contact a TV on a black screen. 

Life is changing, life is becoming aware of yourself in every given moment, in every given situation, learning from your mistakes and accepting your bad sides so that we will find balance, an infinite form of peace that we can experience.

The infinite form of peace is in accepting everything that is and will come, whether it is good or bad, going fast or slow. Do not worry about these factors but accept them as a law of nature.

What is it about an effort if we won’t feel the blow the next day? 

our body has evolved far, but our brains many times further, and for this reason too people can become aware of their body, make the right decisions about food and save the body from bad eating habits, smoking behavior or other forms that are harmful to our health .

As I can remember today, my mother told me about the term awareness. This moment will always stay with me, it really seemed like a world was opening up for me. From that day on, I started looking for the truth of life that lurks in everyone. 

Awareness is becoming aware of yourself, it is a process we are becoming increasingly aware of ourselves. We get to know ourselves better and better with time and also handle ourselves better and better. The entire cycle that takes place in this context can be called the awareness process. It is a process that you need to become aware of before you can pay attention to it and work on it.