Everything is temptation, take a good look around you. The stores tempt us to buy things, women tempt us to perhaps come closer, companies tempt us to work for them, society tempts us to look for security in life and so on. Seduction plays a major role in a man’s life, and that is why I propose as an important maxim for success that people can resist temptation.

The temptation is a continuum, something that continues and that we will always be susceptible to as long as we live. We are inclined to always want to improve, enlarge or glorify our lives. Everything that contributes to this will tempt us to make this choice. The temptation is even more than this, it invades our memory and makes us marinate in the dreams of what we desire. We could say the temptation is to have substantial control over us and the decisions we make with the ensuing acts. Seduction can therefore go far.

We can have a deep desire for sharing love with just that one woman and this desire can have a long effect on us until the day that it is finished and we wonder what we are doing.

Seduction is therefore a major influence, but can be regulated and intercepted if we use the right lifestyle methods for this. 

See here, the ball of seduction. I throw it at you, we can catch the ball or drop it. Whoever catches the ball and cannot resist the temptation of the ball will be responsible for this fall as well as any worries and outcomes that may result. Anyone who does not catch this ball and has not been moved by the temptation will not have to bear it all. We want to be able to free ourselves from the temptation, and that means. (falling in love)

If we catch the ball we will have to drop it, we learn the art of catching and look for a new chance. Only then can we intercept the ball before it is thrown, because we will no longer look at the ball we catch but at the pitcher who throws it and there lies the intention behind the temptation. Those who do not catch the ball and only concentrate on the pitcher will also see this quickly, but I would like to add that gaining experience (catching) makes a major contribution to personal development and will fill life richer with beautiful experiences. If you understand that temptation is something you can play with and is not under the spell of temptation to hold the ball, then strategies will come into play. And that is where the man will become successful if he can see through and apply the strategy behind the temptation.