By a clear choice and the elimination of doubt, we will deal with our tasks in a more focused way and therefore also achieve better performance. Performance is central when it comes to success. Success cannot exist if it is not preceded by successful performance. So a performance makes us successful, but a performance is more. A performance ensures that we build up confidence. Have mastered new skills that we can rely on, independent of others, unique skills that may be our last resort.

By achieving performance, we get to know ourselves better and we will be able to assess risks less seriously. Performance does something to us, they make our world bigger. More and more is possible when we enter the world of real performance.

Why should men perform? Why not? Here too we can argue for hours and discuss the argument why a man should perform. For me there is no other option than performance, I have long considered this myself in periods in which performance did not play a role for me. 

Whoever wants a life in which he can experience the virtues that belong to him in a world where there are no boundaries will have to perform. Those who do not will always depend on those who do. Because those who deliver the performance are the first on the other side and draw the line. 

It cannot be an option for me to want something and always to desire but not to be able to participate. No matter how strong or that my dreams may be they will never make me experience the truth. The experience, the excitement, the feeling and the atmosphere of the moment are unforgettable. And that is what I really and sincerely wish every man, an unforgettable life that you can look back on, that you can laugh about and still enjoy in your old age. Life is too short for it to evaporate into the atmosphere without a performance. As long as we men have the hands, the eyes and the mind, we can bite off and show who we are and what we are worth. 

Our life our achievement, it’s about you.