Motivation, where do you get it? Why is one more motivated than the other? And why does motivation play such a major role in achieving success in a man’s life? Motivation starts with a dream, a wish, a motive that drives us. Try not to eat for 3 days or to motivate yourself to look for food. This will fare you badly. The body will motivate you to look for food whether you want it or not. 

You can resist this feeling, but you will experience it as an affliction, the body rebels and you will have to live with that.  Fortunately, most men do not have to take such drastic measures before they can motivate themselves, but still, it remains a good example of real motivation.  Every man has the freedom and power to choose what is of most value to him in life, of course you can argue about this, but in essence I want to say. You are what you choose. If we are what we choose and we are unhappy, that would mean that we have to make other choices. I now say this very simply, but it is not that simple in practice. 

Our body is going to work against us, and why? Because we may be addicted, because we may be used to it, because we may be afraid to let go. Making decisions in life is often not that simple and often the difficult decisions are the most difficult to motivate. If we cannot motivate our decisions because we may be afraid of losing something, perhaps hurting others or harming ourselves, our minds will cloud and we will end up in a state of doubt. Doubt that causes us to stray even further from a decision because we accept doubt as an option. 

My motivation is therefore simple, eliminate doubt. Doubt is not an option. Doubt only makes things sink deeper into the quicksand. Speak in alternatives. Solutions, even if they are only temporary. These solutions will automatically motivate you because they are clear and clear, you and others know what needs to be done and what can be expected. 

Please also motivation into their own hands and eliminate doubt, my third  law masculine success.