We are sure we will most desire. Desire is a process that stirs our emotions and lays hands on a process of persistent thoughts that make themselves bigger and bigger only in our world and in our head. 

Desire is a thought that identifies with our ego, our being and our weaknesses, the desire is often the desire to become a whole or better person and therefore to be seen as a better person. We only desire that what we most desire and desire speaks from a lack, that what we lack are our weaknesses and there may also be fears that we may not yet be aware of. 

We could see desire as one of the metaphors that determines which way the car will go when we turn the wheel. If desire takes the upper hand and takes control of our fears, we will find a quick solution and more often give in to desire because we do not have to face our fears. Simply put, we will covet something because we may not want to accept it, dare to do it or dare to be, the fear of having to do it or wanting to be is greater than life in desire and perhaps for this reason we prefer desire above the action. It is a paradoxical process that can guide our lives and give a major meaning to the content and the course of our lives. Desiring something is simply halting by eliminating the thought we desire or executing the thought. Desire is a thought that can grow because we have not wanted to make the decision of this thought that also feeds the desire, or dare to make it. Desire is therefore not a supporting thought in itself, but rather a constructive thought about other thoughts. Desiring can make us insecure, doubtful and change our mind. So this desire kicks, as it were, noise in the tent, as a result of which we, as it were, enter a whirlwind of possibilities with which the desire feeds itself. When the desire reaches its peak, the man can fall in love or make decisions that completely surrender to the will of the desire, surrender. Surrender is what the man does not need if he wants to secure his way to the top and he must therefore have control over every thought and therefore also about the desire that nestles itself between our thoughts and feeds on chaos and uncertainty. The desire. We men can use the power in mystery to our advantage by training ourselves in not giving in to desire, by creating it ourselves and not giving in to it.  Men can create desire. Giving in to desire does not create desire, one can only give in to desire if greater desire is created so that become the master of desire. 

The desire is at everyone’s disposal, provided we are able to control our own. Whoever can curb his own desire will never fall victim to the temptation of another and thus take control of the game of temptation by applying the temptation himself and making the other person imagine himself in the world of his desire. Desire often introduces itself as something small and innocent and responds to human emotions that stir and move the body to make decisions. Why do we buy the things that we buy, why do we fall in love with the women we marry and why do we all want to live as long as possible. 

We all desire the truth but in this world of drama and masquerade it is sometimes difficult to see through the truth and believe in what we want to believe in. 

Our desire for the truth makes us doubt.

Whoever can guard himself against desire will not be a victim of the hand of temptation and will use this hand of temptation to his advantage.