Is fear a life killer or an eye opener? Whatever fear may be, we know one thing for sure. Fear lives between your ears, you cannot take it and move it, but you can feel it and move yourself for fear. The intangible fear causes tons to move in the direction where we expect to experience the least pain and through this movement we let ourselves be guided by fear. Fear can make us deviate from our real destiny because we as humans are inclined to create a life situation where we will experience as little pain as possible. There is, however, a paradox in this, because it is precisely where we experience the most fear that we, as men, will make the greatest progress. 

If we men as babies would attract our mother’s fears, we would still not be walking now. It is the job of the man to get up and make his flight to success. A flight where he cannot hold onto objects for support, a flight where he is alone and will have to prove himself. His wings will have to spread and his feeling will have to anticipate the air currents of the wind.

A process where body, mind and soul must work in complete harmony and surrender to the fear and pain that might come. 

There is no greater fear in life than the fear of pain, the greater the pain that we might experience, the greater the fear of this pain. While it is precisely the pain that teaches us where we must strengthen ourselves to become successful, we avoid it and continue to dream about our success. So we could use fear as one of our guides to success. Fear indicates our limits that we can push. If it is asked I want to push my limits but I don’t know where then fear could provide the answers here. In no case should fear take the upper hand over the life of the man, if the life of the man is driven by fear, he will make himself smaller and soon dare not enter the world again. 

This is therefore about daring, daring to do and without fear. Stepping out of the shadow of fear where we hide and keep ourselves small and speak with the power that lies within us. To be able to do this, the man must become aware of the fact that nothing is certain in this life. Security is not for sale, just like years of life or happiness. 

Only matter is for sale and matter does not strengthen the mental condition of the man, on the contrary he only weakens it. By making him dependent and uncertain about the possible loss. The man must harden himself by delving into the real aspect of certainty. The certainty he has is only now, in the moment in his actions and the decisions he makes. Everything beyond just a second is watching coffee. Only death is certain and this also determines the time we have to strengthen our mental and achieve our success within the given time. Everything in the life of man knows his time and therefore also the success of the man. We cannot juggle this time of success on the table, but we can dare to take action, overcome fears to bring this time of success closer to us. The man’s eyes will open when he has climbed the mountain and conquered his fears. A world of possibilities will open up and everything will fall into perspective with the intended success for him clearly shining in the sky like the north star. Fear is an illusion in the mind that we need to see through. 

Get to know your truth behind your fears, that is the first law to success.